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crevoise March 20, 2013 12:00

field functions - table
Hello all

My problem is the following:
I have 30 field functions reporting the molar concentration of 30 different species: F1, F2, .... , F30.

My aim is to use the data from these field functions by an external software.
I could call each of these field functions one by one, but it's a bit heavy.

1/ Thus, I wish to create a field function referencing the 30 set of data. Like a vector where I order the field functions data Order=(F1,F2,F3, ... , F30).
Like this, by calling the filed function 'order', I can get the molar concentration of the specie 3 by calling order[3].

However, I do success to create such 'order' vector field function. Does anyone know if it is possible to do so?

2/ Another attempt was to create a table from all the above defined 30 field functions. I created such table referencing the 30 molar concentrations associated to their cell ID, and with their position (via the XyzInternalTable)
a/ I can then export the table at every iteration and read the extracted file. But if so, it is quite a heavy solution.
b/ As on 1/, is it possible then to create a matrix defined by a field function, ordering all the 30 molar concentrations by the cell ID? There are examples in the manual about interpolation table data in field functions,but I don't think it is what is needed in my case.

Thank you for any help.

siara817 March 26, 2013 04:23

You can enter the tables you have to the Tools/Tables. Then you can write a filed function and call the tables. In the tutorial, it has been shown how to write the command to call a table. Search '' programming reference'' in the tutorial and then find the text about table.

crevoise March 26, 2013 09:54

Hello Siamak,

Thank you for your answer. I was previously trying your solution but actually I did not really understood how to access the table value through the field functions. To me, the explanation of the user manual were not really clear on that point. Maybe I should give another try.

However, I chose another solution, which is to export the 30 filed functions value and to store them under a matrix form on my external software.

To be more precise: I have 30 species with different concentration. I need these concentration in order to calculate the scalar source term of every single species. To do so, I need all the 30 concentrations at one time.
Through a user field function, I try to export the 30 concentrations to my external software, which will store the value. This field function will return has for result the source term of the 1st species. (thus, this field function has 30 arguments, corresponding the the 30 molar concentrations)
I then design 29 other field functions returning the source term of the other species.

I am getting the following error: Too many args in the field function of the first species.
The question is then: is there a limitation on the number of arguments of my field function? If yes, is it possible to increase the max limit number of arguments?

Thanks for the info

gorle.jmr March 26, 2013 10:37

Dear Siamak rahimi ardkapan,

I am modeling a water turbine with 4 blades for boat propulsion. I applied superposing rotation motion to individual regions of these blades so that the entire model is successfully rotating. Now, I have to make the blades flexible (to enable them rotating about themselves depending on the hydrodynamic forces being applied on the blades) while rotating about the axis of turbine. How can I apply DFBI motion for individual blades along with superposing rotation?

Thanks in advance.

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