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femer March 31, 2013 21:15

Boiling temperature calculation
Dear All,

I am current ly writing my mater thesis in CFD and my problem is correlation of temperature calculation from star ccm+ and test results.

Problem: We have an diesel engine and it is tested. The critical point in test is much higher than our first calculation (~100 C difference) and we want to make a new simulation approach for those calculations. I need to do some calculations in STAR CCM+ and derive the best parameters for it.

I am using both Rohsenow and Transition model for two phase boiling problem.

But somehow, I cannot get close to the measured values in test and the difference is about still 30 C in some calculation (I have nearly 100 different sim files with different BC's.)

So: I wanto to know how to get more accurate values for boiling problems.

In both transition and rohsenow boiling, solid-fluid interface somehow seems to be calculated independent of the formula paramters because when I change the paramters the surface temperature dont change or some tiny changes.

looking forward to hearing from you all.

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