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chris12345 April 4, 2013 01:10

Turning of the energy solver at start

I am doing analysis on flow circulation on a fighter plane cabin. The basic set up is that there are 4 mass flow inlets located around the pilot (at the front, just behind the neck, left and right arm) and 2 pressure outlet aswell. When I did the first run I got immediatley the varning "Temperature corrections limitied in XX cells in Region 1" and after 30-70 iterations it crashes. Now, Im using an segregated solver with a segregated energy solver, I re-ran the simulation but this time I froze the segregated energy solver on the first 50 iterations. After that I turned the energy solver back on and it seems to work pretty good.

My question is why does it work, when I turned it back on after 50 iterations, is it because you get better "initial values" for the energy solver? Is it even a valid result?

Hope you can answer my question.


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