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hirsch1003 April 22, 2013 10:59

Mass Averaged Report
Hey everybody,

first my set-up: i've got a tandem profile, three dimensional with about 5 million cells and i am trying to calculate the pressure loss coefficient in a plane behind the profile.

so my problem is, that i need to have a mass-averaged report ( to compare it with values from fluent), but the mass-averaged report apparently just works with volumes in star ccm+, but with the derived parts options i cant build like a cubes just planes or spheres, which arent helping.

so my question ist pretty much, is it possible to extrude the meassurement plane, so that i get a volume? or can i for example somehow create a cube in the derived parts?

thanks in advance!

rwryne April 22, 2013 16:09

Try using a cell surface instead.

Create your derived part cutplane where you want it, then make a cell surface using that cutplane as input.

Then use a sum report over the cell surface and sum Mass*<Your scalar> and another sum for just mass and divide them

hirsch1003 April 23, 2013 04:01

hey, good idea and with that you brought me to another solution, thats what i did:

i definded another userfieldfunction which was Mass*<Scalar>. after that i calculated the mass and my mass*<scalar> with a surface integral, divide both with each other and i got some comparable values. ( and i think its the same fluent does, when i do a mass averaged surface integral).
thank you so much! :)

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