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himanshu28 April 30, 2013 02:43

Query regarding Modelling Thermal mass decomposition in star CCm+
i am working on the project and intending to use Star-CCm+
for the CFD simulation the brief description of the problem statement is provided below.

The title "Parametric and CFD Simulation of Condensed phase fire extinguisher". The basic idea behind this extinguisher is it generated the extinguishing gas in the form of aerosol.
The Mechanism for generation of aerosol is as follows :
Stage 1.
The solid propellent inside the chamber is combusted inside the chamber with some igniter this produces the hot gas mixture.
Stage 2.
Then the Hot gases interacts with Pellets(these are the chemical compounds which get decomposed when a hot gas is passed over it). This decomposition lead to the addition of mass in chamber.Due to this decomposition of the pellets the temperature of the Hot gas reduces since the energy of the Hot gas is been absorbed for the decomposition.
Stage 3.These reduction in temperature of the hot gas lead to condensation of some of the hot gas leading to the generation of the aerosol

To model this complete phenomenon as a test the following simplification was made

1. Stage 1 is not modeled which is the combustion modelling.An outcome of the combustion products are put as an initial input to the system.

The main difficulty is arising the modelling of the second stage.I have try ed and studied various heat transfer simulation models but unable to find the solution.It will be helpful if you suggest is it possible to model this Thermal Mass decomposition of the pellets due to Hot gas interaction with Star-CCM+ :confused::confused::confused::confused:

Himanshu Sharma

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