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crevoise May 1, 2013 06:16

Best way to analyse transient computation in CCM
Hello all

I am wondering what is the best way to analyse a transient computation with CCM.
I am mostly working with StarCD and recently started to use CCM.
In startCD, I would write macro to the needed post-processing calculation I need at every timestep stored in the .ccmt file, and export them in .grf file.

For the moment, I am saving the needed data via Solution Histories and analyse them via reports and monitors, and export them. But I guess this is not the best way, especially when I want to do advanced post-processing. Especially, when eventually you wish to do a post-processing calculation not planed before the computation, it is hard to set it up then.

Does anyone have some hints to properly set an efficient workflow in order to post-process data at every time step in order to export them in external ASCII file?

Thanks for any advice

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