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Zeallt May 14, 2013 00:15

Anybody familiar with the Directed Meshing
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Hey guys,

I just want to try this meshing feature, so I followed the tutorial, that I add the source and target surfaces--> created the Patch Mesh--> Auto-populate the feature edges --> Split the selected patch curve.

Then while I was trying to create patch curve between node 2 and 6, see below, I couldn't pick up the node 6, and I got the message that:

"Patch curve being created can meet the previously created patch curves at start/end vertices only."
"Invalid picked location."

However, one thing weird is that I can pick up the node on the yellow edge,

Can anybody help me with that, thanks!

Kasey May 17, 2013 11:35

Are you trying to get a curve between each vertex? It should work, but try to create different patch curves first, or move the vertices that you are not able to select.

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