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Pgma May 14, 2013 16:10

Interface in Model
I want to make a interface in a model like what presented in Tutorial, Prous Media, but I made my model in Solidworks and when imported in STAR, there will be 2 interface in each connecting point.

Another problem is when I convert the face to interface STAR produces 2 interface per face, si I will have 4 interface in each joint.

How can I get ridof those extra interfaces?


ggulgulia May 14, 2013 22:25

Hey .. I faced similar problems earlier. Use the following to create a interface

1. Create the solid (hollow) geometry in S/W such that the portion containing the porous region comes as a separate extrusion. (uncheck the merge option)

2. Import the geometry in a neutral format following this method:
Geometry> 3D CAD>Right Click> New CAD Model>Right Click>Import CAD.

3. Turn the visibility feature off for the fluid region and extract the fluid region for the porous portion. Similarly extract the inlet side and outlet side fluid region.

4. Then go to the simulations tab and create parts with the geometry using the options from right click drop down menu.

5. From here onwards create surface split using "split by patch' for fluid region. The inlet side towards porous and porous inlet will have two different surface that will form a part of the interface. Similarly the porous outlet and the outlet side fluid region facing the porous outlet face will have two separate surface that will form another interface.

If in case you get extra interface, highlight the interface and see if they highlight any regions in the GUI . the one that doesn't will be a redundant and you can manually delete them .

this will be a little confusing but if you are familiar with the CAD modelling options of Star CCM + then the above steps should be able to solve your problem.

cwl May 15, 2013 16:27

I'd like to note - that there's some sort "Dark Magic" with interface creation: sometimes (in case of simple geometry) Star creates correct Interface, but sometimes you have to perform one of Imprint operations.
// The last doesn't seem easy for me now

Pgma May 15, 2013 16:54

Hi Thanks friends,

My model is just a simple rectangular based bar, what I did was to create two box in SW and assemble them in a ASSM file, is that correct?

Dear ggulgulia,

To creat the hollow part shall I extrode a thin surface?

Is this commands in the SW or STAR? Geometry> 3D CAD>Right Click> New CAD Model>Right Click>Import CAD

I couldn't find it!

ggulgulia May 16, 2013 06:51


it's difficult for me to tell the exact command.. open the tutorial manual form the help options. There type "import CAD" and see how the CAD file has to be imported. I wanna be clear once again that "import CAD" is different from "import Surface mesh"

To extract fluid region, select the inlet and outlet faces of the geometry (in the CAD option) and right click and select "extract internal volume"

check the help file. You'll get all options and commands there for sure:)

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