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novedevon May 16, 2013 17:36

Elliptical wing StarCCM+
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I'm working on a school lab project to compare a biwing to an annular wing. I've created the mesh and ran some basic runs on both with the same conditions and mesh set up. The ellipse runs have not converged properly only reducing about 3 orders of magnitude. However the biwing ran and converged perfectly.

The models were originally imported from solidworks the separated from parts to regions. Then meshed with relative sizing.

The only difference between the models that is evident at this point that could be causing the problems. The ellipse had a good number of surface mesh lines crossing the part in the center that is supposed to be empty. One of the adviser for this project said it wasn't a problem however another mentioned it could be causing our errors. Any ideas if this is ok or a method for improving the mesh to not have those parts.


rwryne May 17, 2013 11:31

Yeah it looks like you need to eliminate those lines, which look like very elongtated triangles.

What mesh models do you have activated? Are you using the surface wrapper?

Its hard to tell whats going on with just the single screenshot. Do those show up in the Vol. Mesh too ?

novedevon May 17, 2013 16:25

I had the prism layer mesher, the surface remesher and the tetrahedral mesher.

I'm currently trying to re-create the mesh with surface wrapper as well. The result still has the crossing lines everywhere as in the picture before. However there may be slightly fewer of them.

Is there a good method to create a "hole" in a mesh?


novedevon May 17, 2013 17:30

I have noticed that when I clear the mesh (with the blank square button) the crossing lines disappear.

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