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stonescar May 26, 2013 01:10

Weird representation of generated waves
Hi, I am trying to simulate a ship moving forward in head waves.
But when the simulation is done and I try to look at the free surface plot, there are some disturbances.
If you look at the picture you can clearly see alot of small waves, on top of the main waves that I am trying to create.
What can the reason for this be?

fuzel June 21, 2013 10:16

Hi stonescar,

my initial guess would be a combination of representation settings and mesh resolution.
Could you send/post a picture showing your mesh resolution in the free surface region? (your resolution in waveheight, wavelength)

Otherwise I d suggest double checking your wave settings. What order wave are you using? frequency wave height and check your initialization!



fuzel June 21, 2013 10:19


did you have a look at a plot of the free surface along the domain?!

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