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jgeng June 9, 2013 03:41

Floating point exception(divided by zero)
I am using CCM+ to do the underhood analysis. The cells are around 34 million. But there is always an error 'Floating point exception error (divided by zero)' .

The situation is:
1) This error happens before the 1st iteration.
2) I already checked and remove the invalid cells (cell quality>1e-6, volume change>1e-4 etc.)
3) I checked all the boudary conditions, there should be no problem.

So I really have no idea how to solve the problem. Can you help me?


nnh June 16, 2013 00:01

Are you using Cell Quality remidiation? If yes, then are there any disconnected cells in the fluid regions? Answers to these questions would be helpful in debugging your problem.

olauer July 10, 2013 05:17

Do you use annotations referencing a report? Which version of CCM+?

husker July 11, 2013 01:46

You should consider checking the reports.

Paulh July 15, 2013 13:04

As others have mentioned, checking cell quality is a good place to start. However, consider checking for non-contiguous volumes in your Regions. You might have a small volume disconnected from the rest of your domain that is causing the catastrophic failure. If that's the case, you could check the underlying geometry to see what is causing the problem. In the past, I have 'fixed' this problem by tweaking the wrapper scaling factor. Good luck!

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