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Jonny6001 June 22, 2013 17:32

Injector internal simulation

I am looking at simulating the unsteady internal flow inside a fuel injector for which I have the position of the injector needle vs time.

What methods would you guys recommend for actually moving the needle up and down in time? I have seen that the overset grids method is possible for this type of simulation but is there a more simple approach?

Do you think a method using the "mesh operation" in the parts section could work? As I could write a java script to subtract the needle volume from the injector tip volume then run the simulation, next time step translate the needle volume up by the correct amount and this should mean that the part generated has changed. It would therefore need updating which the script would do, re-mesh the updated region, map the previous solution on to the new one and carry on with this method.

Or perhaps I can just use the mesh morpher on the boundary that represents the needle surface?

Thanks for your time.

m_J_mohamadi June 30, 2013 05:57

I have the same problem now. what didi you do?

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