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crevoise July 25, 2013 07:54

Conformal meshing with trimmer meshing model

Does anyone succeed in obtaining a conformal mesh for a 2 regions problem, while using the trimmer model in CCM+?

In the manual, it is said this is not possible.
However, I found this on a support forum:

"""In contrast to the tetrahedral and polyhedral models, the trimmer is unable to guarantee the creation of conformal interfaces at inter-region boundaries during the meshing process. This restriction originates from the current implementation of the model which assumes a one region per continuum association, i.e. each region is meshed independently instead of multiple regions meshed simultaneously.
In order to apply the same trimmer settings to a multi-region grid and attempt a conformal mapping, either a different continuum must be used or the per-region meshing option must be enabled in the mesh continuum properties. Activating the do mesh alignment option under the trimmer properties can facilitate a conformal mesh along interfaces. The mesher will inform the user if a conformal match has been achieved."""""

Does anyone succeed in doing this? I am trying it but until now, without success.
Does anyone has another idea to achieve a conformal mesh with trimmer model?

Thank you for any help

Kasey July 25, 2013 17:09

Without using mesh alignment, I have never had much luck using per region meshing with interfaces.

Depending on the complexity of your problem, I've had good results using the trimmer without worrying about a conformal mesh.

crevoise July 25, 2013 17:30

Hello Kasey

Thank you for your answer

My problem is that I am coupling CCM+ to another software, and I must have conformal hexahedral mesh in order to fulfill the requirement of the other software, so that's why I am struggling in order to get the conformal mesh.

I did tried the mesh alignment with the per region meshing but without success yet, even with a simple geometry.(a cylinder with a cross centered on the two main diameters)

I'm now trying to modify the 3rd-part software, but I would rather prefer to make the conformal mesh in CCM+

Thanks again

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