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haku88 July 28, 2013 10:20

Wave generation, wave height reduces as it progresses

I was generating linear wave (H=1 m, T=8 s, L=100 m) in the water tank (850 x 50 x 40, x, y, z(height)).

I generated mesh near the sea surface with the maganitudes of 0.3 m and wave started to damp out continusously when I simulated for 24 s. wave damping was set to operate at the end of the tank.

I checked the similar questions before me and it seems to be mesh problem..but I wonder that someone's wave simulation was successful with 0.6 m mesh size with wave height 1m, T=4s.

How can I fix this problem :confused:? please help

ping August 6, 2013 19:32

to minimize wave decay you should aim for around 40-80 cells per wave period, about 20 per wave height - use the trimmer mesh with anisotropic refinement to achieve this. ensure you use 2nd order time. then look at the courant number during the run and adjust timestep to keep it below 1.

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