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cwl July 28, 2013 15:10

Star-CCM+ at Cluster [Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x64]

I'm totally stuck while trying to make a cluster for Star-CCM+.
I beg for help/instructions.

2 Workstations s5520sc with 2x Xeon x5550 (named Node-0 and Node-1)

Clean Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Enterprise

What was done:
1) Domain (using Active Directory Services) was created at Node-0, both computers were included in Domain ("Cluster.cwl").

2) Accounts with the same name and password were created at both computers - but i'm confused: there exist Administrator account (set up at Windows setup) and Administrator@Cluster.cwl account (was created after Domain setup).

3) Feature -> Cluster was added, both computers are present in Nodes list.

4) Windows Firewall and UAC were turned off on both computers.

4) Star-CCM+ 8.04.007 was installed on both computers.

5) Following command was executed at both computers:
"C:\Program Files\CD-Adapco\STAR-CCM+8.04.007\mpi\mpich2_ch3\win64\bin\mpiexec.exe" -register
same (existing) username and password were passed.

6) Using ProcessMonitor i found out that Star was looking for rsh - so i've put a downloaded third-party rsh-client at Node-0 and set up a third-party rsh-service at Node-1. Node-0 is supposed to be a "head" node - Star GUI would be started there.

Using rsh-client on Node-0 i started Notepad.exe on Node-1 - it has appeared in process list, yet window was invisible.

Launching Star (from Node-0) on two nodes from GUI leads to Star-processes started at Node-1, BUT - this results in "Server process ended unexpectedly (return code 0)." at Star GUI.

My ideas: if i get it right - Star (GUI) at "master" computer launches Star server at "slave" computer through rsh and tries to connect to it - and it fails i guess.

What might be done in dummy tries (haven't done yet because of being sick and tired):

A) Install rsh-client on Node-1
Б) Install rsh-server on Node-0

I'll try it - but according to my understanding of architerctre this has no sense.

I would be endlessly thankful for any help .. guys, i'm desperate :<

cwl July 28, 2013 16:57

Please if anyone has made cluster for Star-CCM+ - give me instuctions, i've no ideas left.

arjun July 29, 2013 00:10

can you ask this to adapco support. PS: I work for adapco, but support should help you with it.

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