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Dyls August 2, 2013 11:44

User Code and Surface Heat Flux Assistance
Hi, I have been trying to run a model to validate surface temperatures on buildings and street in an outdoor model. The model is running a steady RANS standard k-epsilon turbulence model with solar loads turned on. In addition, I am using the Boussinesq approximation to account for buoyancy. Eventually, the model would be running the transient solar calculator for a full day.

The problem is that my surface temperatures seem to be hotter than I would expect them to be realistic. As I refine the mesh near surfaces, this temperature becomes "slightly" more reasonable (at the cost of computation time, of course).

My solution to this problem would be to implement a user code that would use a correlation to take heat away from the cells at the surface and move it to adjacent air cells, effectively parametrizing the surfaces.

Is there any problem with doing this? And is there any user code "guide" that could help me learn exactly how to start going about this. I have been reading the user manual in Star CCM+, but any additional help would be greatly appreciated. I really just need some assistance on getting started.

Thank you so much for your time and help!


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