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amarjogot August 7, 2013 13:09

finer mesh in a specific zone of the model
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Hello every one, i think every one is doing fine. I am having some problem with my model. In my model (attached file), I want to have finer mesh in the red zone (throughout the whole cylinder inside upto base). How can i do that. I am new in this software and thanks in advance for your assistance.


siara817 August 8, 2013 02:42

Go to tools and right click on volume shapes. select cylinder.
generate a cylinder the place you want.
go to Continua/mesh and right click on volumetric controls and click new.
select the shape you made and determined the size of mesh that you want.

amarjogot August 9, 2013 13:26

Thank you very much Siamak. It really works for me....

rwryne August 9, 2013 15:20

You can also do this by making a cylinder Part and doing the same steps as he described.

I have a feeling volume shapes will be dropped sometime in the future as they duplicate the features of parts. Seems like everything geometry wise is being pushed to parts (i.e. parts based meshing...)

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