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snnaveen15 September 2, 2013 01:12

windshield Deicing
Hi all,
I am trying to do deicing on windshield using star ccm +, I have considered 0 deg C for ice phase change temperature, currently temperature on windshield is max 5 deg C. But dont see any reduction in the thickness of the ice layer, Intial thickness is considered as 0.5 mm. Ambient temp on wind shield is around 27 deg C. Any guess what would be wrong. thanks in advance.:)

Roman September 2, 2013 02:50

How long is your time step and how many time steps have you run your simulation?

snnaveen15 September 2, 2013 05:25

Roman i was using 0.1 sec time step since i need simulation for aroud 30 minute or so which is long physical time, the goal is also to know the time required to meltdown 0.5mm thickness ice. I found that there was wrong in the ambient temperature 27 deg c i was using. I made it -18 deg C. Now the results looks good. thanks a lot for the reply.

$hyam August 14, 2015 01:19

Windshield deicing
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I was also trying to simulate wind shield deicing problem in Star CCM+

Problem description:

There is a windshield with a heating pad on the inner side(towards passenger side) and a thin layer of ice on the outside surface.

Ice and windshield are at -20deg C initially and heating pad generates 30W.
Ambient : -20C

VOF model and Eulerian multiphase model with a single phase (water-ice) are used with const density..viscosity and therml conductivity are modelled as field functions based on "relative solid volume fraction of water-ice phase". specific heat is a field function based on temperature.

Afetr running steady state simulation I'm getting visibility on windshield as shown in the fig.

Attachment 41411

Can anyone tell me why has the curve went in this fashion and where must have I gone wrong?


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