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JohnAB September 12, 2013 13:23

overset mesh - drag

I have a moving "boat" (submersion, i.e. z coordinate, is fixed because my boat is towed by another structure), in a constant speed translation (let's say 1m/s along x-axis) and I would like to get the drag report.
I have read how to do it with a 6 dof body (like in the tutorials and the help), but since my boat has no degree of freedom except the translation along x, and the fact that it is moving using overset mesh, I am not really sure how to get the correct drag (not sure either about the reference frame), and then maybe the "lift".

Should I just create a new force report, pressure, along x-axis, using ref density of water, lab ref frame, and select my boat as the part ?

Thanks for you help!

lava12005 September 25, 2013 05:31

Do you use the 'boat' as a DFBI body?

Regardless of that, yes you can use the force report as per normal.

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