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lampe1234 September 15, 2013 15:43

NACA0015 Pressure Coefficient Converging Problem
Hello everybody !

I am not a native english speaking student - please excuse my mistakes.

I want to compare StarCCM+ simulations on a NACA0015 hydrofoil with

I have found a plot in literature showing the pressure coefficient for a
NACA0015 hydrofoil with an output pressure of -66000 kPa.

Now I would like to make a simulation on a NACA 0015 hf with StarCCM+
and compare the results with the literature.

On about 45000 iterations, I get a cp plot showing nearly the same characteristics with the plot from literature. I would be quite happy with

BUT the simulation is NOT converging. The Plot changes, Alpha changes,
and when alpha becomes more and more converging, the cp plot locks
quite different to the plot from literature.

I think I made some mistakes with the properties and the output pressure.

Is there somebody who might help me ?

Kind regards

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