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Ale85 October 1, 2013 12:25

Overset MESH problem DFBI 6DOF
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hello everybody , this is my first post.

I read several posts about the problem occuring with DFBI and Overset mesh, but I could not find any answer to my problem.
I would like to simulate a floating body with a complex geometry under the action of a regular wave.
I follow the tutorial about the overset mesh but I still have a problem.
I generated two regions (background and overset), with a overlap block in order to have the same order of magnitude about the cells of the background and overset as in the tutorial. My problem is: when I run the simulation, the mesh changes. After the generation of the mesh, it seems to be good (Fig. 1), but when I run the simulation the mesh changes, ad only the overset region is shown (Fig. 2).
Another thing that I suppose to be wrong is: when I tried to visualize both different regions I got a problem. Shifting the overset region out to the ackground in order to examinate it I discovered that only the symmetry boundary is shown as overset region(Fig. 3 & Fig. 4).

I followed the tutorial but I am not sure about the block of overset and background, should I subtract the overset block domain to the background block domain?
I also generated the overset interface as in the tutorial, right click on both regions>generate interface>overset regions.

If any one could give me some informations or take a look to the file simulation I would be glad.


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