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thomasg October 9, 2013 05:27

1D mesh with StarCCM+

I need some help on how using StarCCM+ to create a 1D mesh to study, at first, a flow in a duct.
I have created a 3D part and try to mesh only in the x-axis but the problem is that with trimmer, for example, the other surfaces are meshed too and so the volume mesh is 3D.

Thanks for helping.


cfdguy October 12, 2013 15:11

Hi Thomas,

I'd start with a Trimmer only mesh continua with a given base size. E.g.: 1mm.

Then, create a rectangular channel in x-axis, where the cross section at x0 (inlet) and x1 (outlet) are 1mm^2. Thus, if the channel has 100mm it will have 100 points.

The other channel faces (y0, y1, z0 and z1) set as symmetry. Now you have a 1D problem being solved with a 3D mesh.

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