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renee October 16, 2013 02:54

Difference between Monitor Points and Scene Values. How that?
Dear CFD Community,

Currently, I am a bit confused about the following case:

I created points in the outlet of my geometry extrusion to point out the velocity in each point for further stopping Criteria (Derivation between points should be below 1.0E-5 m/s after 100 iterations).

I also created a plot for the velocity-monitor points to show the velocity distribution of each point.

The Problem:
The velocity of 2 out of my 10 points show a remarkable higher value compared to my velocity scalar scene.

Plot: Velocity = 2/10 points have a velocity of 1.3 m/s (Point: max. Value Report)

Scalar Scene: Max velocity = 0.8 m/s (function: velocity magnitude)

Y+ is almost 1. The mesh is fine enough and the residuals are all converged.

I know it is tough to give a statement if one is not involved in the whole simulation details but maybe there is someone out here, how made similar experience.
It would be awesome if you could give me a hint.

Best regards,


renee October 21, 2013 03:50

Ok, I just want to let you know the reason for this problem:

Monitor -> Normalization Option -> OFF!

Since each velocity node got a different maximum normalization factor, the final shown velocitiy distribution is totally different compared to the "real" results. Disableing the normalization option solved this problem.


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