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JohnAB October 22, 2013 13:53

breaking wave - poor display quality
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Hello all,

I have a little isosurface issue when trying to generate a breaking wave (barrel) on a beach.
As you can see on the picture attached, the surface (isosurface) is not smooth. Everywhere else in my domain, the surface is smooth (for example at the bottom of the wave), even on top of the wave, but not inside...
I have about 40 cells per wave height (trimmer mesh).

Do you have any suggestion in order to get a smooth wave and not all those pixels ? I looked through the help and everywhere, could not find anything to make it better than it is now...


dai549592484 October 23, 2013 16:40

the first thing came to my mind when I see the picture attached is that you will need to make the mesh where the wave will break smaller, since it is ploted based on cell. Hope this will help.

Can I ask whether you are satisfied with the wave generated? Did you monitor any wave elevation time history? I found that the wave generated using VOF wave is not stable.

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