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dai549592484 October 23, 2013 16:30

Vof waves in star ccm+
Hi all

Since the generation of wave is build in star ccm+ and for some reason, it is not that easy to monitor the wave elevation time history at some certain point in the wave field. Thus there's few investigation into the wave generating ability of star ccm+( I mean by using the build in vof wave method).

Recently, I've carried out some simulation about numerical wave tank using star ccm+ and found that wave generated using first order wave is not good( the time history of the wave elevation at certain point is not stable compared with the result gain by FLUENT). Is there anyone else who has experienced such problem?

ryancoe October 25, 2013 11:10

Could this be because 1st-order waves are physically unrealistic and therefore not supported by the governing equations being enforced in the simulation (this doesn't explain why Fluent would give better result)?

dai549592484 October 25, 2013 11:20

Hi Ryan

In my view, it is ture that linear wave are physically unrealistic and for those CFD solve the problem based on N-S equation, it is not possible to generate exact first order linear wave, thus the result calculated by FLUENT is some more like 2nd order wave. However, it should not make the result unstable, I mean there should not be too much difference between each wave trough or crest.

ryancoe October 30, 2013 09:30

I suppose that the most likely culprit for a changing waveform at a set location would be reflections.

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