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TSC October 29, 2013 05:55

Maneuvering Simulation with 6-DOF Body
Hello everyone,

I got a serious question about maneuvering simulation in star-ccm+:

so far i try to simulate a 10/10 Z-Maneuver for a model scale container vessel. The vessel should be able to move in x and y-direction, but also rotate about the z-axis. The question for now is: do I need overset grid to simulate the translation and rotation, or is there any othe possibility to save some cells?


ryancoe October 29, 2013 10:27


You can accomplish this without any sort of dynamic mesh method (e.g., overset grids) unless you want a moving rudder and/or propeller. In fact, I used STAR-CCM+ to do maneuvering analysis of AUVs during my PhD research (

TSC October 30, 2013 04:54

Hello Ryan,

first, congratulation for your PhD Thesis.

As you have already accepted, I want to simulate a moving rudder and a rotating propeller for maneuvering test. Therefore an overset grid is the best way to accomplish the rotating parts, in my opinion.
For now I am in the very first beginning of the porject and want to check all the possibilitys (thanks for the link). Maybe there are some further wuestions after reading your thesis ;)


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