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afikr October 30, 2013 02:25

Supersonic static pressure
Hi, I'm quite new with Star CCM+.

I am trying to simulate a flow inside an axial turbine.

I am using steady state couple flow.

The boundary conditions are from a real model gas turbine.

I set the inlet condition to be a stagnation inlet.

The problem is that is asks for a supersonic static pressure? Does anyone know how can I can get this value.

I have been doing the same simulation using Ansys CFX. But the mach number at the inlet shows no sign of sonic flow. so does it mean that the I should leave it as 0? or should i use the mach number relation to get the static pressure?

If I use the mach number relation, the static pressure will almost equal the total pressure since the mach number at the inlet is 0.12.

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