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JoshuaB November 15, 2013 10:34

Anyone have infomration on Star-CCM+ using Xeon PHI co-processor?
Hi Folks,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience/information about Star-CCM+ using a Xeon-PHI co-processor. I am in the midst of specifying a new computer and I saw this is now available. I have seen literature that indicates the present versions of Star-CCM+ do not see that great an increase with using a CUDA based GPU co-processor, but I was wondering if the results are any different with a XEON-PHI co-processor.

They (INTEL) advertises that one does not need to you recompile software to use it. But on the other hand the amount of RAM that comes with it seems limited and thus it might not be that much of a help when doing CFD types of problems (it might be constantly transferring information to and from its on-board memory to the computers main memory).

Any thoughts?



TMG November 16, 2013 12:42

Both the Nivida GPU and the Intel PHI are different versions of the same animal. PHI is a little more flexible and easier to program but ultimately you still have to program for it.

STAR-CCM+ does not support either processor today because neither of them offer any benefits for the type of computing it does.

JoshuaB November 18, 2013 10:19

TMG, thanks for the reply, you helped to clear that issue up for me.

lordvon February 4, 2014 13:40

I do not think GPU and Xeon Phi are 'different versions of same animal'.

To use Xeon Phi, you only need to change some compiler flags, while for GPU you must completely rewrite the code.

Case in point, the guy in the following post used Xeon Phi for OpenFOAM by just recompilation (Of course optimization could be done by rewriting appropriate parts of code). Check it out:

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