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cwl November 16, 2013 21:37

Solid Pressure model
Hi everyone

I'm trying to model a 2D steady case - where heavy spherical particles (diameter = 0.01 m) rest on the bottom of cylinder while air is injected through cylinder bottom (Velocity inlet: Velocity for Air is 5 mm/s, Velocity of Solid phase is 0). I'm using Eulerian Multiphase model with Solid Pressure (in order to limit maximum solid fraction by 0.624 - as it is maximum for spherical particles). But independent of initial solid fraction distibution - it rises greater than 0.624 up to 0.9 (Gravity is on). I tried Granular Pressure Model - it does limit packing, but (unfortunately it don't lnow why yet) it does not converge for my case.

Has anyone got any ideas whether this model is applicable in my case and any suggestions on why it doesn't limit particles packing?

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