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rahulv December 10, 2013 04:20

Simulation of multi-stage pump

I am doing CFD analysis of multistage pump. the number of stages in the pump is 25. I want to reduce the problem size using periodic type boundary condition.
All the stages in the pump are identical. i don't want to mesh all 25 stages because it will time consuming.

one way we can simulate one case and simply multiply the pressure generated with number of stages. In this way i may miss some important information.

So i am looking for some other way. where i can define only one stage and apply a periodic type boundary condition for other stages.

i was thinking to pattern the "region" of one stage so i don't need to spend time on meshing, but pattern option is not available for regions. we can only translate the region.
Please let me know your suggestions to simulate this case

me3840 January 25, 2014 23:54

Make both sides of the slice of the wheel a periodic interface.

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