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rosed7 December 14, 2013 13:12

Internal flow- issue with pipe visibility
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Im quite new to Star CCM+ only having done around 30Hrs, im working on a throttle design project and im trying to get the hang of running my own simulations.

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Ive setup this simulation from using a CAD model and meshing the internal volume. ive applied a pressure to the outlet to draw air through the pipe. the simulation seems to be working fine as i can see the residuals and flow going in and out the ends. however i cant see the fluid as it moves through the body.

I would be grateful if any could give me some clues as to what i might be doing wrong.


dsk2 January 6, 2014 21:29

One quick thing you can do is to make the body transparent. But that may not solve the issue.

You can use the surface option, right click on the surface and hide it.

You can also go to the corresponding scene and play with hiding the parts or regions.

Finally, you should try creating a plane through the body if you are interested in looking at a section. If you only want to look at the section, you should hide all the parts except the plane you created.

Good luck!

cwl January 12, 2014 17:51

I guess Streamlines in Derived Parts would help

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