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dsk2 January 2, 2014 18:34

Rigid body motion - Translation and Rotation
Hi all,

I am trying to move a rigid body in a straight line while it continuously rotates about its centroid.

Is it possible to achieve the above motion without writing a script?

I presume the rotation should be about the local coord system which is the centroid of the car and the translation should be with reference to the lab (or global) coordinate system.

I am having trouble prescribing the motion of the rigid body with reference to two such coordinate systems.


ping February 4, 2014 12:01

i'd be very surprised if this can't be done easily via the menus, but you need to do some simple tests with a trivial model of say a cube and no flow - there are so many motion options now, coordinate systems that can be children of others and motions which manage other coordinate systems - eg think of a helicopter with the whole body moving and the rotor rotating and the blades rotating within the moving rotor

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