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sathwik718 January 13, 2014 21:10

Plot temperature along serpentine channel
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Hello Everyone,
I have attached a figure of my simulation. I am trying to find the temperature at the center along all the 4 channels. I know if I keep drawing a line probes, i can achieve this but it feels tedious. Can anyone suggest me a simpler solution to my problem.
Thanks in advance.

ping January 31, 2014 07:27

create a arbitrary section along the centre of each channel - this should be a vertical surface. it can be created in 3d-cad or an external cad program. export as an stl file and import as an arbitrary section (in v902 you can use part surfaces directly as arbitrary sections rather than needing to use .stl files)
then if you only want temperatures on a line eg the center of the channel vertically, create a horizontal plane section with the arbitrary section as in the input part - the result is a line and plot or export tempertures on this line part.

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