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hgmania February 13, 2014 19:32

non-relfective BC for Hydro-acoustics
Hi all,

I'd like to compute hydro-acoustics induced by hydrofoil or cylinder.

STAR-CCM+ has non-reflective boundary condition as "Free Stream" in ideal gas.

However, as you know, STAR-CCM+ doesn't have any non-reflective boundary condition in compressible flow of water.

When I compute hydro-acoustic(compressible flow), I only could use "Velocity-Inlet" and "Pressure-Outlet" which could reflect the acoustic pressure wave.

I use IAPWS equation of state.

Please let me know how to treat for Nonreflecting BC

Best Regards
Hogeon Kim

me3840 February 14, 2014 17:01

Unfortunately there are no non-reflective BCs for liquids in STAR-CCM+. You will have to use a source near the boundaries of the domain to damp out the acoustic sources, or just ensure that your boundaries are very far from your object under study.

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