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phys-zephyr March 27, 2014 10:06

Moving Boundary Walls
Dear all,

I am new in Star-CCM+ and I want to simulate blood flow in aortic vessels. I have a time-dependent vessel-wall, i.e. the vessel as a mesh for different time steps.
Importing a single vessel for the static case is no problem. But I could not find out yet, how I can tell Star-CCM+ that my mesh is changing its shape with time. I think it can be solved with the morphing feature, but could not find out exactly, how this has to be done. The main problem is that I can not define a function for (or parametrize) the motion.
Does anyone have experience with such a user-defined mesh-motion and could briefly tell me how this can be solved?
Any suggestions/help would help!

Thanks in advance

me3840 March 27, 2014 21:54

With the morpher you have the ability to specify a displacement for a boundary as a function of space and time or as a table of space and time. So all you need to do is convert your data to fit that.

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