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John Lee September 18, 2014 20:00

Question Regarding to Export and Import The Velocity Profile
Dear all,

I'm a beginner to the Star CCM+, I have a question regarding to export and import the velocity profile. I hope any of you could provide some advice. Thanks in advance. Here is a detail description of my problem:

I want to simulate the flow passing an obstruction using the DES method. First, I construct a rectangular flume model to generate a fully developed turbulence, and then wanna to use the outlet conditions of this first model as the inlet boundary conditions of my second model, which contains a bridge pier in the flume. But I couldn't figure out how to export the velocity profile from the first simulation result, and how to import the velocity profile into my second model properly.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

azt September 19, 2014 05:05


Go to tools -> tables -> create new internal table, choose part (probably outlet) and your variables, extract the data. Then export the table to a file.

Open your other model, tools -> table -> read from a file.

For your boundary condition choose table as your method and in value choose your selected variable.


John Lee September 19, 2014 08:34

Hi allan,

Thanks for your answer. That's exactly what I'm looking for. Also, beside selecting the table method to set the boundary conditions in my inlet surface node under the Region, should I also add the boundary condition in the 'intial conditions' node under the continua-physics? Thanks again.

azt September 19, 2014 08:57


Initial conditions are the are for the complete domain, not just boundary conditions.

To do this you would need a table for the whole flow field.

So the answer is no.


John Lee September 19, 2014 09:01

Thank you so much. Allan.

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