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alistair.galbraith March 8, 2015 21:51

Error Message when initialising BodyHandle:no Body defined!

After I set up the simulation following the Overset mesh and the DFBI:Boat in Head waves, I attempted to initiate the simulation however I came across the error message

An internal error has occurred. Please contact your support representative with details. BodyHandle:no Body defined!

These messages also appeared down the bottom,

Error: Server Error

What does this message mean and how can I sort it?

Kind Regards,


fluid23 March 9, 2015 09:53

It will likely be difficult for the average user on this forum to intepret these error messages. It's probably something trivial in your setup and the support representative will be able to help you quickly and easily.

Log into the steve portal and create a case, it should say who your DSE is and they will contact you if you after the case is submitted.

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