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kbs4520 October 22, 2021 22:48

(Star-CCM+) Spontaneous Coal Combustion
Hi I'm master degree student in Korea.
I'm studying about spontaneous coal combustion in coal stockpile.

I'm trying to simulate spontaneous coal combustion according to a paper
"Transient CFD modelling of low-temperature spontaneous heating
behaviour in multiple coal stockpiles with wind forced convection"
written by Jian Zhang

< Introduction of simulation>

1. There is two domain in simulation, flowfield and coal stockpile field.

2. In flowfield domain, it consider only wind vector In Coalstockpile domain, it consider reacting regime.

3. Firstly freeze Segregated Species and Segregated Energy solver and run simulation.
Secondly, after flowfield vectors are stabilized, freeze Wall Distance, Segregated Flow, K-Epsilon Turbulence, K-Epsilon Turbulent Viscosity Solver and activate Segregated Species and Segregated Energy solver and run simulation.

4. Reaction Scheme
RawCoal + O2 -> CO2 + 0.1CO + Heat
(actually I assume Rawcoal as C:1.1,O:0.1)

Using Physics Model :

Multi-Component Gas, Reacting, Reacting Species Transport, Eddy Break-up, Segregated Flow, K-Epsilon Turbulence, Surface Chemistry

<Status of my simulation>

I simulate flow field vector as shown in paper. But when I simulate second phase (reacting regime), the reaction doesn't seem to work properly.
In Residual Plot, I could only check Energy and N2.

I don't know why the reaction doesnot occur..

Is my Physics model wrong?

I want to attach sim file in here, but becuase of file size limiation I cannot attach sim file here.
If it is okay, I will send my sim file through e-mail.


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