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Erikaaa May 21, 2022 04:27

Volume flow rate as the boundary condition
Hello everyone!
I faced some problems when using Star-CCM+.

(1) In engineering field, volume flow rate is more commonly used than mass flow rate. Therefore, I would like to ask how to set up volume flow rate inlet in Star-CCM+. If there is no direct way to set volume flow rate, is there an alternative method?

(2) The outlet is usually set as pressure-outlet. I want to ask if continuity can be guaranteed (I mean the inlet and outlet flow rates are equal).

I would appreciate it if someone could help me.

Thank you!

LuckyTran May 23, 2022 01:50

Volumetric flowrates are specified using velocity inlets and very rarely velocity "outlets."

You are solving a momentum balance equation and a mass continuity equation, so your result had better meet continuity criteria or you have another problem.

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