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Marcelo March 24, 2009 23:37

FSI and 6DOF
Dear All,

I have 2 questions

I need to know if star ccm+ works with ABAQUS in a FSI simulation :confused:


I need to model a free fall with 6dof (i am using a trial licence) could anybody help me with this? The institution could buy the software for me if I show a simple model


ping April 16, 2009 05:51

1. With STAR-CCM+ I read that you can both import and export surface data with abaqus, so you can do manual coupling of the codes (eg map temperatures from one to the other), and this could be automated to some extend with macros. STAR-CD can do two direct FSI coupling with abaqus so both solvers are running simultaneously.

But do you really need abaqus, since STAR-CCM+ can now solve the stress equations, so many FSI problems are very simple and much more efficiently solved than any other linking/mapping approach.

2. Free fall with 6DOF is very feasible - see an example of a shipping container falling into water here:

and how to set up a ship 6DOF model too:

You can ignore the wave model and just set you free surface level somewhere below the object you want to free fall.

panda April 16, 2009 20:52

STAR-CCM+ can work together with ABAQUS, but I think the FSI is a one-way approach and thus the two software can only be loosely coulped. Maybe only CFX can do a fully coupled FSI simulation.

nomad November 24, 2009 22:20

Does this need region interfacing, or is it just a simple volume mesh? I tried this with a windmill rotor, but can't seem to get any rpm out of it.

ping November 25, 2009 01:02

It depends what you mean:
You only require multiple regions when you need different physics or mesh types within each. And then you only need interfacing if you want some connectivity between the regions. If the windmill is rotating (either MRF or rigid body motion) then you need a separate region to applied these conditions to. Can't see any need for 6DOF in this case since the stress solve will calculate the deflections.
If you what to solve stress within STAR-CCM+ then the solid rotor would also be another region and and interfaced to the fluid. Rotor deflection and coupling to the fluid is controlled automaticall for example by selecting the Large Deflection option after the Stress model is selected.
If you really want to couple to abaqus (not really required) you can do two way coupling in the code now by adding a macro to the solve and thus automate the backwards and forwards export and import process.

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