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NaMe May 1, 2009 05:08

(star-ccm+ 4.02) error during exporting 2d mesh file *.ccm

I have some problems about importing the two dimensional mesh. I use STAR-CCM+ 4.02.007 version on the Windows 32-bit platform.
I imported the surface (*.igs) to STAR-CCM+. Then, this surface was meshed by trimming method. I convert this 3d mesh to 2d mesh by using default tolerance. This 2d mesh (Mesh Only was selected as Export option on Export File window) was exported as *.ccm for using in other simulation. When I want to import this *.ccm file to STAR-CCM+, I encountered an unexpected error. I tried to import any 2d dimensional mesh which was prepared with earlier versions we got same error.
Also I tried to do same procedure with STAR-CCM+3.06.006. There was not any problem. But if I want to import 2d mesh which prepared with STAR-CCM+4.02.007, I got similar error.

Have you any experiment about this issue.. is it bug?

if you need, i can send the error images, and *.ccm files.. but you can try it with any small cases..

Thanks in advance..

Lilu May 18, 2009 19:00

I think that the ability to import 2D meshes has been removed in the 4.02. It seems the only way to carry out 2D simulations is to import the 3D mesh and convert it to 2D.

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