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Lelia June 5, 2009 05:49

export air speed values
i want to save in an output file the air speed values which correspond to a selected part of the mesh. Normally it should me possible, because i have already done it for droplets properties, but for the air speed i don't find the right clue.
Thanks in advance.

SKK June 5, 2009 07:26

create a derived part on the section you want data to be extracted from. Then go to Tools>Tables>New Table (by right click)>xyz internal table>

Then in the properties window, select part as the derived part and scalar as whatever scaler that you want. If the scalar that you want is not a given value you can create a field function to extract the necessary data and use that as the scalar.

Right click on this table name and extract.

Hope this helps.

Lelia June 5, 2009 13:54

Thanks for the idea, I've tried to use it, but it's not working. I'm trying in a different way. I'm loading the data that I'm interesting in using registers. But I don't know how to export those registers.
any idea?

vishyaroon June 5, 2009 16:46

Hello Lelia, I agree with SKK's method as we use it extensively to get the velocities too. Unless you are looking to extract something like the mass flow rate this should work. Do you know what problem you are running into when you try this?

gordon June 7, 2009 16:24

Registers are not something encountered in star-ccm+ - are you actually using starcd?

Lelia June 8, 2009 03:47

yes, i do use StarCd, and I was talking about post registers.

Lelia June 8, 2009 04:05

in fact the problem is that I don't understand what does it mean to make a derived part...:confused:. I'm interested in speed values, so normally it should work, as you say...
Thanks also for the other reference that you gave me ;)

SKK June 8, 2009 04:13

Lelia, this is a STAR CCM+ forum. Derived parts are not available in STAR CD.
I have not used STAR CD for a long while now, but as far as I remember, you can get scalar values in the post register for certain range of cell numbers. I don't quite remember but it might also be possilbe to obtain scalar data for a cell cet ( generated from cset newset command). Hopefully some one from STAR CD section of the forum will be able to halp you more.

vishyaroon June 8, 2009 23:47

The following is the list of commands that you can use to write out a vertex file and the corresponding set of velocities (or any other variable for that matter). Do you think this will help?

load, results.ccm,,Restart_1
getc, ALL, VMAG
cset news type <#>
vset news cset
cave cset
vwri <velocity>.vrt,,vset
savu <velocity>.usr scal,,vset

Lelia June 9, 2009 03:09

Hy Aroon,
Thanks a lot. It works.
Have a nice day.

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