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Maddin June 17, 2009 03:59

Problems with 011
Hey guys,

We updated to 4.02.011, before we had 4.02.007
When I let write a scene in a file after each time step (unsteady sim) then the run takes a time out till I close the CCM. When I have closed it (the GUI, not the run) then it "waits" till I loged in.
I had a seen with the courant number. I will try and tell you when it happens with other field functions.

Does somebody know if the problem with the mass flow calculation is solved?
When you make a CCM V.3 simulation you get a mass flow X.
When you start this simulation in V4 you also get the massflow X BUT sometimes you get a massflow Y, when the geometry is different.

In front of the courant number I have some meshing problems with easy geomtry. I will make some screenshots and then I post it. The Layer Thickness on Edges is my problem, with Trimm Mesher I get there some adverse cells...


Maddin June 29, 2009 07:49

Scene update problem is a 4.02.011 problem. I tested it.
When you make a run you must have run the GUI on the simulation or it will make a break on the step where you want to have a screenshot.

The mesh problem I already have, I only "solved" it with a offset... but not a good soluation in my mind...

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