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tom-uk July 13, 2009 12:38

Moving mesh

I would like to simulate a flow crossing an orifice and to take into account the deformation of the wall. I think that I should use a moving mesh.
Could be possible to do it with StarCCM+?
How I have to define my mesh?

Thanks in advance.


anunu July 14, 2009 23:52

You can use motion modelling function, ie. mesh morpher or 6DOF. There are tutorials in the user guild (CCM+ 4.04).

tom-uk July 15, 2009 04:25


Many thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately I don't have the user guide 4.04. I have just the user guide 3.06.

Do you know where I can find it.



en51nm July 15, 2009 05:23

I have a copy, it is a 157MB file however, do you have a drop-box account?

tom-uk July 15, 2009 05:37

That's great if you can send me a copy.
I don't have a drop-box account.
It is easy to create an account?



Maddin July 15, 2009 10:23

4.04 is already avaible? Last version is 4.02.11?!

olauer July 16, 2009 05:11

4.04 was announced and is available via cd-adapco user services. Latest version is 4.04.011

Maddin July 16, 2009 05:15

Sure? I talked with the support and they told me 4.04 isn't avaible yet.

olauer July 16, 2009 11:32

Yes sure. It is still available on User Services FTP area. Announcement email was from July 13th

tom-uk July 16, 2009 12:21

Hi all,

I don't manage to generate my moving mesh. I would like to take into account the deformation of the wall (of the orifice). I would like to move my mesh according the pressure on the wall.

If somebody have an advice.



DiegoS July 20, 2009 17:46

Hi, CCM+ can calculate the stress in the wall material due to the fluid pressure, but I am almost sure that it can not solve the deformation of the wall caused by it.

King regards, Diego.

Maddin July 20, 2009 17:54

Hmm with the wand stress you could be able to run a FEM to get the deformation?!

DiegoS July 20, 2009 18:05


Originally Posted by Maddin (Post 223368)
Hmm with the wand stress you could be able to run a FEM to get the deformation?!

I have never did it, but I think it is possible. In the morpher model you can specify LinearDisplacement for a boundary, and give it a constant value, a field function, values from tables... So with a FEM solver and generating a table probably you could do it. Maybe not in a full coupled way ( fluid -> structure -> fluid...) automatically, but you could give it at least an iteration (assuming the pressure distribution in the deformed mesh is the same as in the undeformed) by hand.

tom-uk July 21, 2009 06:25

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I can with the morpher model specify LinearDisplacement for a boundary. I can generate a table with a FEM solver but in order to have accurate results I need to update my table according the variation of pressure on the wall due to its deformation ( fluid -> structure -> fluid -> structure -> fluid...)
So It is not useful.

Maybe I can create a macro...

Maddin July 21, 2009 06:39

I think you can use the "export" function to export for every step your results. That should work good.

tom-uk July 21, 2009 07:02

Yes could be a good idea.
I will try.


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