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bernarde July 27, 2009 02:20

Particle time in domain - Streamline
Hi all

I would like to determine the time it takes for a weightless particle (ie streamline) to pass through my domain, once it is released at the inlet. From the visual streamline it is clear that it is passing through the domain. Is there any scalar I can observe to determine this? If not, is there a way I can calculate this?

If I could determine the total path length, and the average speed it would be simple.


ems August 26, 2009 08:46

I looked into this before and I think that with streamlines the only way is to calculate it yourself. I used the velocity components and and the position components to determine the position vector from point to point as well as the distance from point to point. From that I calculated the projection of the velocity vector in the direction the stream was travelling. Finally, velocity * distance gave the time interval between each point, which I summed to get the total time.


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