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Johann September 4, 2009 19:03

Star CMM+ Meshing
I have generated a model using solidworks and export the iges file to star cmm+ However, when I try to generate the surface meshing, i face error saying surfaces not closed
Somehow I try and modify the model blindly without understanding what exactly is wrong and face warning while volume meshing saying intersecting surfaces I really cannot locate these.

Is there a way to by-pass these errors or overcome them?

Thank u

apc3161 September 4, 2009 19:35

Can you post any pictures?

MaxCFM September 4, 2009 19:41

SolidWorks is a parasolids-based kernel so parasolids will usually be the most accurate export format. Might get rid of the anomalies you are experiencing. If not, try other formats such as step.

Johann September 5, 2009 03:34


Originally Posted by apc3161 (Post 228609)
Can you post any pictures?

i am not too sure if i should upload it onto this site. Maybe I could email u for assistance. Ya, it has a hollow cylinder with hemispherical end protruding into a conical body. I have used surface remesher with polyhedral meshing and prism layer. Will using the surface wrapper solve the problem? Please kindly assist me. Thanks.

SKK September 7, 2009 06:45

OK, if I am understanding you correctly, you are getting these errors while volume meshing. Did you surface wrap your imported CAD file before going onto volume meshing? When you import a CAD file, you generally need to surface wrap and remesh it. then check for any errors in remeshed surface and fix them before you can go on to volume meshing. Volume mesher will not proceed if there are intersecting or pierced faces, free edges, nonmanifold vertices and edges in your remeshed surface. Fix these before moving onto volume meshing.

bramv101 September 14, 2009 04:59

1. try parasolid, it gives less errors with Catia, solidworks, NX
2. enable your automatic surface repair for the surface mesher and do a surface mesh, check for remaining errors if none go ahead and do the volume mesh
3. if errors enable surface wrapper and do the surface mesh, check for errors if none do volume mesh
4.if errors after wrapper, go to representations and right click on your rep, choose surface repair and locate the problem, try the manual repair tools to fix this.
5. If error remains check your parasolid in your CAD package, usually there are options like heal geometry or examine geometry to avoid tiny items, intersections and so on.

Johann September 14, 2009 05:10

Thank you friends. Got it.

rajesh pandian September 23, 2009 02:41

try surfacemesher
study the tutorials for meshing..
check the surface mesher settings..or try to repair import surface from representation ..which can be seen in the tree

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