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uiui September 8, 2009 22:13

rotatable baffle ?
hi all,

I'm new to CFD and confused about the problem for a long time. Any idea from you is appreciated as great help to me.

I'm modelling a rotatable flap, which is a part of an internal wall between two chambers of water. The flap is controlled by the pressure difference between the chambers. The question is:
1. I intend to make it with DFBI, so can the rigid body in DFBI applied to a moving boundary (not concerned about the thickness) ?
2. I'd like to treat the internal wall and flap as interfaces, so its easy to mesh. The internal wall is baffle in-place, while the flap is baffle repeating. Am I correct?
3. I follow the DFBI example in tutorial (ver 4.06), but found that the whole region is moving with the boat. I think I follow the case exactly and donot know what is the problem. Anyone has succeed in doing that ?

Thanks very much.

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