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Johann September 12, 2009 03:12

Combustion Modelling in Star CCM+
Hi, I was keen to try out hydrogen gas burning in air upon contact with a hot surface surrounded by air. A simple layout with a hydrogen gas injector, impinging on a hot surface.

I am lost because there are several models available and I am not too sure which one I should use. I have tried the following:
Reacting (do I have to feed in the stoichiometric eqns? and how??????)
Multi-component gas
Standard k-epsilon (for the turbulent mixing part as after combustion, there is passageway for the high P and T gas to exit into a chamber)
Ideal gas
Implicit Unsteady

The overall setup is real simple, is it enough for me to define the hot surface property by its high wall temperature alone? Is the gas going to combust upon hitting this surface? Will I need to speciffy the oxidisers and fuel or is it already fed into the model I have chosen.

Hope someone could guide me here as I am a student who is new to this field. Thanks.

bramv101 September 14, 2009 04:51

check your user manual, combustion tutorial. This should help you out

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