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bramv101 September 15, 2009 09:30

java injector creation
I am trying to create a java script to automate the creation of an injector coupled to a lagrangian phase. However this script is a recorded macro from a previous simulation with other names for the region and injector part.
How do I modify this script so it will ask to select this part that will serve as my injector.
See characters in RED where I am pointing to the older names....

Great thx

//injector 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Injector injector_0 =
simulation_0.get(InjectorManager.class).createInje ctor();



Region region_0 =
simulation_0.getRegionManager().getRegion("HEALED_BODY_1 ");

Boundary boundary_0 =



InjectorMassFlowRate injectorMassFlowRate_0 =
injector_0.getInjectorValues().get(InjectorMassFlo wRate.class);

((ConstantScalarProfileMethod) injectorMassFlowRate_0.getMethod()).getQuantity(). setValue(6.0E-6);

kyle September 15, 2009 09:58

I believe there is a section in the manual called "prompting for user input"

you may want to read that

bramv101 September 15, 2009 10:40

Problem is already went through it :).
Providing an interactive dialog seems the best for me, but i have no idea how to implement a part selection into this.

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