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pluto October 10, 2009 03:23

Generate hexahedral mesh
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Can somebody please help me with the following. I have an axisymmetric flow that I need to model exiting a nozzle. I have created a 3D mesh. I extruded the nozzle exit boundary downstream to represent the external flow domain. How can I generate a hexahedral mesh from the 3D mesh? Please see attached images.


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fnk382 October 13, 2009 04:23

Hi Pluto,
It seems they do not have standard hexehedral meshing model to tool. They have the trimmer but it produces, for me, a disarrayed set to meshes. :confused::mad:

I had to create a nice one in Gambit in order to import it to CCM+. Try that or use Star-CD.

Note that ANSYS, except ICEM hexa (you get this base on license type) does not also come with hexa mesh tools. Once, gambit becomes/is considered obsolete, one will have no choice but stick to the cost effective unstructured grids anyways.

Good meshing Pluto. Oh, and if you figure a way to do this, let me know.

pluto October 13, 2009 16:38

Hi fnk382

thanks for the advice. unfortunately i dont have access to STAR-CD but only to STAR-Design. I have checked on STAR-Design and there is no feature to generate a hexahedral mesh. Its a bit unfortunate that STAR-CCM+ does not have a hexahedral volume meshing tool. for now i will have to continue with the cylindrical extruded mesh. if i figure anything out i'll get back to you

thanks for the help fnk382

mystic_cfd October 17, 2009 15:37

just a comment to fnk382:
The Ansys meshing platform does have hex meshing capability.

perhaps you should look at the CAE Linux 2009 distro. There are a few freeware meshing tools included which might work for you.

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